Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bowe Bergdahl, U.S. soldier held by Taliban, seen again on video clip

In June 2009 the Taliban in Afghanistan taken a U.S soldier from Hailey, Idaho named Bergdahl. A few days ago Bowe Bergdahl showed up in a Taliban propaganda video clip. Bergdahl’s captivity began with death threats, however a journalist basing his opinion on personal experience said the soldier is worth more to the Taliban still living. The Taliban won't permit somebody to get a good installment loan to purchase Bergdahl's independence either. Source of article – U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, a Taliban captive, seen on new video by Money Blog Newz.

16 months ago Bowe Bergdahl caught

Probably the most recent Taliban video shows Bergdahl clean shaven. Of course, he also looked like he had been beaten fairly recently. Bergdahl’s appearance in the Taliban video leads experts to believe that the video footage was shot right after his capture more than 16 months ago. Since Bowe Bergdahl was captures in Afghanistan, he has came out in 4 Taliban videos including the one launched Wednesday. Other videos show him with facial hair. A longer beard is in some. The Taliban is expected to only be holding the one U.S. soldier hostage. Jalaluddin Jaqqani is a senior Taliban commander who is shown within the video giving a statement along with the appearance of the soldier and militant attack video clip clips.

Can it be true the Taliban is getting what they ask for from Bowe Bergdahl?

In April, Bergdahl surfaced in a Taliban video clip denouncing the Afghanistan War and pleading to be launched. One of the captors of Bergdahl, supposedly, came to the Sunday Times in August to explain the American was taught how to convert a cell phone into a remote detonator for a roadside bomb after being converted to Islam. Supposedly the Afghan intelligence officials cooperated with the Taliban then. Bergdahl did too. However, the alleged captor said the data Bowe Bergdahl shared with the Taliban were common knowledge and that he was pretending to be a Muslim to keep from being beheaded.

Bergdahl only still living still due to value

Bowe Bergdahl is safe, according to a journalist who had been taken by the Taliban in 2008. Jere Van Dyk said that the Taliban likely would not hurt him in an interview with ID Public Television. Van Dyk was launched by the Taliban after being kidnapped and held 45 days. He said the Taliban would make an effort to brainwash Bergdahl and pressure him to become a Muslim. He is still alive though as a valuable propaganda tool. Van Dyk explained the Taliban is showing that they’re terrorizing their enemies by keeping their captives still living instead.


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