Thursday, December 23, 2010

Consumer Product Safety Commission gives drop-side cribs official thumbs down

Drop-side baby cribs used to be popular within the United States because they were cheap and convenient. According to the Associated Press, however, those days are formally over. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has voted to ban the manufacture, sale and reselling of drop-side baby cribs within the U.S., largely because there have been scores of units recalled and over 30 newborns and toddlers have perished in drop-side baby cribs since 2000. Individuals may have to get a cash til payday to buy a higher level of quality and legal baby crib for their baby. Article source – Drop-side cribs banned by U.S. government by MoneyBlogNewz.

No more drop side cribs around beginning in June 2011

It will soon become illegal for drop side cribs to be used in hotels, childcare centers or even for private use. A year after the June 2011 ban starts, non-drop side cribs can have to be exchanged. This is for all childcare centers.

Drop side-crib issues at stake

With some variety, drop-side cribs are typically made from cheaper wood and plastic than more artisan infant and toddler cribs. As a result of the design and cheap materials, there is often a hardware malfunction in these cribs. An infant or toddler's head can get caught in an opening made. Since 2000, there have been at least 32 United States infants and toddlers strangled or suffocated as a result of this while the drop side crib has caused at least 14 more fatalities. It has been a while of the CPSC considering a drop-side crib ban. Now it has really happened.

Cribs from companies like Evenflo, Delta Enterprise Corp. and Pottery Barn Children have been part of the 9 million drop-side crib recalls over the past five years.

U.S. standards on drop-side cribs ‘one of the strongest in the world’

Inez Tenenbaum is the CPSC Chair. He said that because of the drop-side crib policy, the U.S. is considered the most stringent within the world on the matter. New testing standards will help catch manufacturing defects that can allow larger, stronger kids to place themselves in a precarious position when they shake or push on a crib. There will also be better instructions as to how to assemble the crib. In total, the brand new standard will "help to ensure that young kids rest more safely," Tenenbaum said after the CPSC vote.

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