Friday, December 10, 2010

Electronic cigarettes aren't drugs, rules courtroom

Electronic cigarettes are a product that has been on the sector for more than a year. The Food and Drug Administration made a move to try and end sale of e-cigarettes. They called them “unapproved drug delivery devices”. The FDA has been told today that they cannot regulate electronic cigarettes as substances. Instead, the Courtroom of Appeals has indicated the FDA has standing only as tobacco regulator.

The basics of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs” are basically a small, tube-shaped vaporizer. They vaporize a liquid solution for making it inhale-able. A nicotine solution for inhalation is generally what e-cigarettes come from. Typically, e-cigarettes are considered "safer" than normal ones. These are the traditional smoking cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration argument against electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes aren’t things the FDA wants around. A ban was almost placed to them this year already. They wanted to put a warning on the electronic cigarettes. "Unapproved drug delivery devices" would have been the labeling. The Food and Drug Administration banned the importing of e-cigarettes, alerting customs officials to not accept any shipments of the merchandise. The FDA works with nicotine gums and patches right now. The safety and efficacy of them is being monitored. The very same standards of efficacy are what the Food and Drug Administration think ought to be on electronic cigarettes.

After ruling, FDA has to stay from the electronic cigarettes market

An injunction was filed by 2 corporations after the FDA tries to get e-cigarettes banned. Electronic cigarettes were developed by both NJOY and Smoking Anywhere which led them to argue the FDA should have no controls. A lower courtroom and now the United States Court of Appeals have ruled that electronic cigarettes are subject to regulation through the 2000 tobacco control act. The regulation of all tobacco products is what the FDA wanted to do in 1996. The ruling 5-4 in the Supreme Courtroom was against it. The FDA is supported on electronic cigarettes by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free children. In fact, it responded to the ruling saying, "This ruling invites the creation of a wild west of merchandise containing highly addictive nicotine, an alarming prospect for public health."

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