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Fitzhugh would rather work with the railway than within the National Football League

All the livelong day, Keith Fitzhugh would prefer to work on the railway than within the National Football League.The New York Jets offered him a career, which was refused, though the Jets have employed then fired Fitzhugh three times before this. Fitzhugh puts family and earning a constant living over the New York Jets. Fitzhugh figures he isn’t as prone to needing a cash advance on the railway. Post resource – Keith Fitzhugh prefers working on the railroad to NFL by MoneyBlogNewz.

NFL not as thrilling as rail job for Keith Fitzhugh

The Georgian 24 year old Keith Fitzhugh was offered what many can only dream of. He was offered a career as a safety for the New York Jets after Jim Leonhard was injured during the Monday Night Football game against the New England Patriots. The NJ Star Ledger accounts that Fitzhugh said no to the Jets. Fitzhugh had been trying to secure a regular job within the National Football League for the last two years. The benefits that come from constant employment looked good to him. He chose a position as a conductor with the Norfolk Southern railroad. He lives with his parents, helping to care for his disabled father.

Wishing a guaranteed income will occur

Fitzhugh was an undrafted free agent in 2009, as he got employed by the Jets in May of that year, waived in August, in Sept added to practice finally and then in December was signed by the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens signed Fitzhugh in December 2009 as he was an undrafted free agent. He was hired by the Jets in May 2009, waived in August and added to the practice squad in Sept before being hired finally. He was cut by the Ravens after the playoffs, then signed by the Jets during summer training camp, only to be cut again. Large paychecks are not always on the way for every person within the National Football League. In fact, it can be a bit annoying to sit around unemployed for too long waiting to be picked up.

Created for something else

The chance to enter the National Football League is not for everybody. Gerald Ford turned the National Football League down to go to Yale Law School and later became President of the United States. Myron Rolle delayed entering the NFL to pursue studies as a Rhodes Scholar, although he now is on the TN Titans practice squad.

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