Sunday, December 19, 2010

Giants Vikings game moved to Detroit after Metrodome roof failure

The ceiling of the Metrodome has partially caved in, throwing a wrench in the Giants Vikings game. Heavy snow accumulation put too much strain on the Teflon fabric dome, which ripped open over the field. The match will now be played at Ford Field in Detroit, after it had already been delayed until Monday night. There will likely be a large installment loan taken out to correct this problem.

Metrodome struck hard by snow on rooftop

Mother Nature is apparently hoping the Minnesota Vikings will get a new arena. This if obvious since the ceiling was torn open at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome due to snowfall loaded on the stop. An inflatable Teflon fabric is what the ceiling of the Metrodome is made with. Air pressure supports it. The Midwest got hit hard with snowstorms piling snow up on the ceiling. Eventually, a leak occurred with this. The Metrodome ceiling did not failure entirely, but the opening was enough to dump snow on the field about 5 a.m. on Sunday morning, based on ABC. The match was already postponed until Monday, as hefty snowfall and winds closed the Twin Cities airport and kept the New York Giants from reaching Minnesota.

Detroit where game is going to be held

The Giants and Vikings match is being moved to Ford Motors Field in Detroit. The game won’t be filmed for Monday Night Football however will air on the National Football League Network for Direct Television subscribers, according to ESPN. For those who have tickets to the match already, go ahead and make the trip to Ford Motors Field. It might be worth it thinking about preferred seating at the 50 yard line will be given to you. The National Football League is giving out tickets to the game. They’ll all be free. A full refund can be given to those who got a ticket to the game. This is the fourth time the Metrodome roof has collapsed like this. In 1981, 1982 and 1983 it collapsed as well.

Favre questionable

Favre might be absent from the game as well which means Vikings supporters have to deal with more than being homeless temporarily. A sprained shoulder is what the 41-year old quarterback has been dealing with since he injured his soldiers while playing the Buffalo Bills. More than likely Tavaris Jackson will be playing against the Giants even if he is well enough to play.


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