Sunday, December 5, 2010

Googletown ought to keep your brains within the henhouse

It’s been rumored for some time, however based on various sources, the mini-metropolis Googletown is slated for construction. While "Googletown" might not be the established name, the city should prove to be yet one more way that Google keeps its best and brightest close to the office to allow them to innovate on cue.

Googletown – Built in a grand tradition

The thought of a Google City, "Googletown" isn't a new concept. For quite a when not the idea of "company towns" has spread across the world. The city of Pullman for Pullman Palace Car Company employees was created as far back as the 1880s. Like Pullman, Chicago, on performance-enhancing drugs, Googletown would offer Google employees and their families sporting facilities, child care, gourmet shops, restaurants and the all-important housing, writes Gawker.

Pyramids: the inspiration

Google will allegedly build "the equivalent of more than two TransAmerica Pyramids," says Gawker. NASA Ames/Moffett Field in Silicon Valley is the suggested home for Googletown. It can be a 42 acre development, and 180,000 square feet alone will be housing at Ames Field. Although zoning laws would need to change for Googletown to consist of everything they want, you will find already plans for more housing and retain in the home base of Mountain View, Calif. Although the Mountain View venture doesn't have a contractor yet, Ames field does and it will be Planetary Ventures.

Keeping employees on the farm

The United States’ infrastructure is such that employees are frequently forced to live far from their place of employment and weather long, gas-guzzling commutes. Google employees will be easily accessible by living close, and won't have to pay huge transportation costs. Google already pays their employees millions in retention bonuses and it only makes sense for the company to stay closer to their work.



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