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Had been Hogwarts a schooling well spent for Mister Potter?

Did Harry Potter get a high quality schooling at Hogwarts? That’s the pulse-pounding question some reporters are tackling today. says the Hogwarts curriculum isn’t really practical for the Muggle world, and thus the high quality of schooling is low. This got the Washington Post’s knickers in a twist, as one writer felt the creative range of Hogwarts’ offerings were more than enough to generate well-rounded individuals. Yes, anything to promote "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Is the education at Hogwarts worth getting?

As outlined by the Huffington Post, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" has come out. That means that it is a good time to talk all about the journey Harry has gone through. It appears to be a popular thing for pupils at Hogwarts to give the school a record card after Harry is leaving Hogwarts. One came in from Samuel Arbesman. A failing grade had been given:

As near as I can tell, if you grow up in the magical world (as opposed to be Muggle-born, for example), you do not go to school at all until the age of eleven. In fact, it’s entirely unclear to me how the children of the wizarding world learn to read and write. There is a reason Hermione seems much more intelligent than Ron Weasley. It's because Ron is very likely completely uneducated.

If Harry Potter and pals are expected to make their way in college and graduate school (as well as in their future careers), they’ll have to do it within the Muggle world. Harry Potter may be unprepared for the "real" world based off of what he learned in magic only, says Arbesman. There aren't any wants, spells, flying brooms or Quiddich within the Muggle world. That means knowing about Muggles and having critical thinking can be the best things to have.

Hogwarts defended by the Washington Post

The Washington Post's Valerie Strauss talked about it. She said that Muggle American schools should learn from the way Hogwarts does things:

The array of Hogwarts courses — required and elective — has a creative breadth not seen in many a school here in the No Child Left Behind era, in which curriculum has been so drastically narrowed that a lot of kids don’t get much history, science or physical education.

There are many classes offered at Hogwarts. Some include things like Charms, Defense Against the Dar Arts, Transfiguration, Ghoul Studies and Herbology. Critical thinking is necessary, because a dim bulb of a wizard is cannon fodder for the dark Lord Voldemort.

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