Sunday, December 5, 2010

House panel advises censure for Rangel

Rangel has been found accountable of committing ethics violations. Censure may be the sternest of reprimands in Congress Rangel could be the first Congressman censured in some time if he receives one.

Making sure a censure happens for Rangel

Not long ago, Charlie Rangel (D-NY) went on trial for committing ethics violations, by failing to pay taxes and improperly soliciting favors and donations . Campaign contributions came in via improper channels for him. He also had income and property that he didn't pay taxes on. Rangel ran out of the trial because he didn't have a lawyer on Monday. CBS reports that it didn't stop him from getting convicted though. The committee decided that he had enough time to secure counsel. That had been what they based the decision off of. Eleven of the 13 counts against Congressman Rangel were what he was found guilty of. The House Ethics committee charged him of this. When Rangel was being considered for consequence, he asked for "fairness and a drop of mercy" . Rangel should be censured as outlined by Blake Chisam who’s the chief counsel for the House ethics committee. This is something Rangel wasn't too happy about.

The next worse thing to expulsion as punishment

The worst punishment from Congress is a Congressional censure. Expulsion is the only thing worse than that. It is much worse in legislature to get a censure as it is like a "scarlet letter" there . Hardly everyone is ever actually censured making any person who is famous . Wikipedia reports that Gerry Studds and Daniel B. Crane were the last Representatives which were censured . They were censured for their part in a 1983 sex scandal involving congressional pages . The House's last expulsion was James Traficant (D-OH) in 2002. He got out of prison in 2009.

Democrats seeing the worst of it

In the House, Charlie Rangel was one of the longest serving Democrats around. Following the 2010 election results, it is clear most are mad at the democrats still. Despite the fact that he might not be done as Congressman, he likely isn't doing very good either . It is true that Rangel is probably not censured. Of course, he can be reprimanded in some way still.


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