Friday, December 3, 2010

Net neutrality quarrels at the front after Comcast charges Netflix

Net neutrality is once again at issue. Comcast is charging Netflix for network access. Many network providers claim that they can self-police. Comcast’s new “traffic toll” is leading several to question if this is really possible. There is a rumor the Federal Communications Commission may vote on net neutrality in December. Article source – Comcast demands Netflix toll amongst net neutrality arguments by Money Blog Newz.

Comcast supplying a fee to Netflix

Television, internet and telephone services are offered through Comcast. An on-demand and pay-per-view online movie service is used by Comcast too. There’s a content-delivery network called Level 3. Getting Netflix streamed to your computer is one thing that it’s working on. Comcast has decided to charge Level 3, and therefore Netflix, a “recurring fee in exchange for allowing Netflix streaming media … to flow unfettered.” In other words, Comcast is demanding that either Netflix pay, or Comcast customers probably will not be able to use their service.

Netflix and Comcast seeing difficulties with net neutrality

The general concept of net neutrality is that all traffic on the internet ought to be treated equally. Comcast was "throttling" or slowing down traffic with BitTorrent. This trigger Comcast to gets sanctions against it by the FCC. A fight was began when Comcast disagreed. It said traffic equality was not in any kind of law or rule. A fee is being charged for Level 3 because of all the strains on the network from the Netflix streaming. This is what Comcast says. Many say that the competition with Comcast's own streaming network is the real reason for the charge to Netflix.

Debate from net neutrality

Proponents of net neutrality are saying that the Comcast / Netflix fee is the perfect example of why net neutrality is needed. Several say that traffic on the internet should be treated the exact same. None of it’s better or worse. Just like cable television functions, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and other large internet providers suggest that internet providers ought to be able for making their own deals. Do you’ve an opinion? What is it? Should the Federal Communications Commission vote for net neutrality, or ought to companies be able to self-regulate?


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