Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Nuvo way of advertising fashionably fruity alcohol

Remember when Jermain Stewart clued us in to the power of cherry wine in the 1986 smash hit track “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off?” It’s quite strange, but advertisers like Levinson Tractenberg Group of Manhattan think fruity alcohol like their client’s Nuvo – “L’esprit de Paris” – is the way to beat off the style police. Don’t get trashed on New Years, they say – “Be Glamorous.”

Nuvo pink, the ladies’ style accent

Nuvo, which blends French vodka, white wine and fruit nectar, was initially marketed to women, reports the New York Times. Ever since the fourth quarter of 2007, the 750-milliliter, $30 bottles have continued to read “For Her” and have looked like large perfume bottles.

The Nuvo image has upset the Marin Institute. Many other alcohol watchdog groups have been upset too. The New marketing for the beverage makes it look like it is high end perfume including Eva Longoria in it. The highly stylish starlet appears ready for a night out, and a bottle of Nuvo sits on her dressing table. One could reasonably be forgiven for thinking that “Ms. Longoria might at any moment reach for it and sprits’ her flawless neck,” as the Times puts it, because it looks so much like a perfume bottle.

Alcoholic style there

Nuvo is the “ultimate accessory” which takes “cues visually from the beauty and fashion world” as outlined by Nuvo founder Raphael Yakoby. The problem Michele Simon of the Marin Institute thinks is seen is that the realities of drinking are ignored with a Nuvo “Be Glamorous” Logan.

“This company makes an association with glamour and says a potentially harmful alcoholic beverage is the equivalent of a fashion accessory, and that drinking this product is somehow not just as harmless as putting on bracelets but also is essential,” Simon told the Times.

Nuvo is all about being responsible though, as outlined by Yakoby.

“Our point is … drink responsibly and in moderation,” he said.

Men drinking pink, packing heat

Women are targeted with Nuvo. You will find several males who will drink pink though. A heckler was making fun of a fan at a San Antonio party for drinking pink getting himself shot within the stomach.

Info from

New York Times


Be glamorous, just don’t shoot anyone

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