Sunday, December 26, 2010

Risk of liver disease leads to Kroger animal food recall

After locating the toxin aflatoxin, Kroger has recalled its animal food. nineteen states are included in Kroger’s animal food recall. The recalled animal food could trigger liver failure and illness in animals.

Kroger recalls animal food in nineteen states

Due to safety risks, there will be pet food recalled from Kroger, Food 4 Less, Dillons and Gerbes, Baker's, Jay C, Kilander, Owen's, Pay Less and Scott's. Several states were involved in the recall. West VA, Virginia, Texas, TN, SC, OH, North Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, GA, Arkansas and Alabama were all included. The pet food recall is something Kroger stores are attempting to take care of. In fact, they are trying to get a hold of customers who bought it.

Kroger recalls animal food of three brands

There are three manufacturers included in the Kroger pet food recall. Products included in the recall are:

  • Cat Food 3.5 lb packages with UPC code 1111088128
  • The UPC code 1111071357 on 18 lb packages of cat food
  • 3.5 lb packages with UPC code 1111071357 of Tasty Blend Poultry & Seafood Cat Food
  • Tasty Blend Poultry & Seafood Cat Food 18 lb packages with UPC code 1111074580
  • Kitten Formula Food three.5 lb packages with UPC code 1111071903

There is also within the Kroger animal food recall some Old Yeller Chunk Dog Food. It includes:

  • The UPC code 1111074566 that are 22 lb packages
  • 50 lb packages with UPC code 1111074563

There could be animal food from the Kroger Value brand. This includes:

  • Cat Food in 3 lb packages with UPC code 1111000018
  • 15 lb packages of Chunk Dog Food with the UPC 1111071559
  • 50 lb packages of Chunk Dog Food that has the UPC 1111000108

Aflatoxin risk signifies Kroger recalls pet food

Aflatoxin is a toxin produced by Aspergillus fungus. The fungus grows in cereal grains. Corn is one example. Aflatoxin could be found in many foods, such as peanut butter, however becomes dangerous when consumed in large doses. When consumed by pets, Aflatoxin can trigger liver disease, which isn’t directly treatable. The animal food within the recall needs to be returned to the store you purchased it at. This could be any Kroger store.




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