Sunday, December 5, 2010

WikiLeaks exposes State Department insider secrets in most recent launch

The State Department is the latest victim of WikiLeaks, which published 250,000 top secret documents online Sunday. This time WikiLeaks’ bombshell is State Department connections that provide candid information on international diplomacy and just how the United States of America applies pressure to its allies overseas. World leaders immediately ridiculed the latest WikiLeaks release and a hacker attack temporarily shut down the whistle-blower site.

The WikiLeaks State Department cables

The WikiLeaks release of State Department cables is giving the world an uncensored look into how the United States of America plays the game of international diplomacy. Within the State Department paperwork was the way that the United States of America made economic sanctions against Iran. Also, dealing with Iran's nuclear program in the western and Middle Eastern governments was included. The Iran nuclear program has been getting some help from North Korea too supposedly. Also, some spying on foreign governments has been taking place due to a command from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Viewing gossip in the connections

More highlights from the latest WikiLeaks release contain King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urging the United States to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and an explanation of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an “alpha-dog” with links to organized crime. Compared to Adolf Hitler in the report is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Also, Afghan President Karzai is "driven by paranoia" supposedly. Details about Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi consist of that a “voluptuous blonde” Ukranian nurse never leaves his side. Apparently the leak makes it dangerous for diplomats, intelligence operatives and informants which is why govt throughout the whole world ridiculed the last WikiLeaks release.

WikiLeaks not stopped

Between 1966 and early 2010, the State Department released connections that WikiLeaks states to hold 251,288 of. It was only a few hrs after WikiLeaks released paperwork before it was hit with a "mass distributed denial of service attack." This is exactly what WikiLeaks posted on Twitter. United States of America National security isn’t in danger by exactly what has been released by WikiLeaks although it might talk about "strained relationship and embarrassment" in them. The organization said it will release additional tranches over the next several weeks or months.

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