Thursday, January 27, 2011

An icy automobile is a sad auto - thoroughly clean it!

Cleaning the ice from your auto during winter could be a painful task if you do not do it right. In the span of a few hrs, ice can cover the entire outside – and sometimes inside – of your car. While it might seem like scraping and heating will do the trick, you should learn to do it right. Learn to do it right the first time.

Avoiding ice starts by getting rid of snow

Brushing the snow off is a simple way to stop your auto from getting ice on it. Both snow and ice are a solid form of water, and moisture from snow will freeze and create ice that can coat your windshields, door handles and locks. Brush out the snow regularly, even if you don't plan to go driving. Both a snow brush and broom could be used. It’s a really poor choice to try to use a snow shovel to do it. It could chip the paint or windshield a bit. Also, never use boiling water on frozen locks and handles, as the stress will likely cause breakage.

Give a hand when breaking up that ice party

If you have built up some callus studying karate – or even if you have pent-up aggression you need to take out on your car – give that ice a whack with the flat of your hand. If it's a thin layer, you may be able to break it up and brush it off. Do not use anything harder than your hand, however – particularly on window ice. A shattered window is expensive and horrid to deal with during winter months, and cold glass tends to be more brittle.

Do not let it stay freezing

Start that auto, turn on the headlights and run the heater as well as both front and rear defrosters to loosen things up for cleaning. Your exhaust pipe and radiator have to be able to run though. Make sure they are clear first. Do not leave your engine after you start it. The frozen mix won't help very much with a radiator's coolant/water mix off and the really cold temperatures. It is possible for your engine to overheat because of this. This will kill it.

Make sure your windshield wipers blades are clean before using them. The motor in the wiper system can break if the blades are stuck in the ice and trying to free themselves loose. Winter-grade wiper fluid can help melt window ice, as well. help melt window ice, as well.


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Or you could just cover your car

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Desolate man, Harrington, wins fantasy football competition

So far, 2011 appears to be the year of success stories for desolate individuals. The most recent story is of Mass. resident Harrington. While desolate, Harrington has won the 2011 ESPN fantasy football contest. Harrington has said he intends on using the prize to move his family back into a rental. This can be easier than trying to take out a cash advance to achieve this. Source of article – Nathan Harrington – Homeless man wins ESPN fantasy football 2011 by MoneyBlogNewz.

The account of Harrington

In Salem, Mass., Nathan Harrington lives at 33 years of age. There was a ton of nerve damage done to Harrington in 2009 when he was in an automobile accident. He wasn't able to go back to work. He worked with marketing. Due to rat extermination, Harrington, his fiancée, and their 3 year old son got evicted. All of their stuff got sent to storage.

Desolate man wins ESPN fantasy football 2011

The ESPN fantasy football 2011 competition is one that Nation Harrington participated in even though he didn't have a home, computer access or the internet. Library computers were where he'd use the internet. Sometimes he'd even go to his father's nursing home and ask for computer access. He called to ask friends to change things to his roster occasionally. This was if there were no other computers for him to find. By 0.8 points, his team won the Fantasy Football game as the Boston Beatdowns. Only 0.8 points had him winning.

Winner of ESPN fantasy football 2011 has a future

Since he won the fantasy football contest, Harrington got a $3,500 Best Purchase gift card. Rather than going on a buying spree at the electronics store, Harrington chose to do something just a little more beneficial. A better apartment that doesn't have rat problems is where he is going to move. He had to sell his gift card to his mom for $2,500 to do this though. The headlines about a homeless man winning the ESPN fantasy football 2011 contest might be good for him. He might even get offered a job due to it.


Good Men Project

Don't be expecting Earth to have 2 suns in 2012

There is yet another rumor floating around about the year 2012. This time, the rumor is the Earth may have two suns thanks to a supernova. Betelgeuse, a large star over 600 light years away, is starting to die out and will supernova when it does. The Planet Earth won’t be within the line of fire, however it may get a spectacular light show.

Possibility of Earth having 2 suns

There might be 24 hours of daylight for two weeks according to a rumor going around. The Daily Mail explains this rumor states Planet Earth could have 2 suns. A star in the constellation of Orion is showing signs of going supernova. The red supergiant star is one of the brightest in the night sky. It is called Betelgeuse. University of Southern Queensland's Australian astrophysicist Brad Carter explained that 2012 would probably be when this star turns into a supernova.

What about Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse replacing our sun would be so large that it would be close to touching Jupiter. That's about how large it is. Due to the mass and energy, the star couldn't just disappear. This is just like other stars that have become supernovas instead. There could be a perpetual state of collapse with a supernova that collapses on itself with its core. This turns it into a black hole with all that gravity involved. However, because Betelgeuse is about 600 light years away, according to CBS, there is minimal chance much of its light could be seen from Planet Earth when it goes supernova.

It’s all about 2012 now

In the year 2012, the Mayan calendar ends. This has caused lots of talk. Mayan scholars do not think anything of it. A supernova 600 light years away cannot do any harm to the Earth, so 2012 theorists might also put the Betelgeuse baby to bed.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Illinois lawmakers approve largest tax increase in state history

The Illinois legislature voted to hike the state’s income tax by 66 percent Wednesday. After kicking the spending budget problem down the road for a long time, Illinois was left with hard decisions about how to close its $15 billion spending budget deficit. The Illinois income tax increase, the largest in the state’s history, is a desperate step to solve spending budget woes many other states with a similar problem continue to stay away from. {Illinois is trying their hardest to stay away from installment loans|The state is trying their hardest to stay frompayday advance loans.

All about the Illinois tax increases

A state is able to work on its budget quite a bit with the tax increase in Illinois. There is a temporary income tax increase from 3 to 5 percent in Illinois. Spending increases will be limited to 2 percent as well.Right before the new Illinois General Assembly was sworn in at noon, the bill was passed even though Republicans said they'd never vote on the measure. Because of the last election, Illinois is losing a ton of Democrats which means majority is changing. Now, legislators who don't support the Illinois tax increases are going to be in charge.

The way to work on the Illinois budget crisis

Many republican lawmakers said no to proposed taxes while now the Illinois income tax increase was passed. A $1-a-pack increase in cigarette taxes to fund school districts didn’t fly. It was also not accepted for taxes to help pay off the $8.7 billion installment loan. The businesses waiting to get paid would be what the loan was used for. Social service agencies would also see some of the money. Democratic Governor Pat Quinn’s office said the Illinois tax increase will raise $6.8 billion a year. There will also be a 2 percent cap on spending growth. Reaching that limit would mean the end of the Illinois tax increase. That was part of the agreement.

All about the Illinois tax increase effect

The largest tax increase in the state's history is about to happen with an increase to 5 percent with the Illinois income tax increase. Other Midwestern states have higher taxes still. Neighboring Iowa’s income tax rate is 6.4 percent, Missouri’s is 6 percent, and Wisconsin’s is 7.5 percent. Many that used to pay $1,000 now pay $1,666 with the tax increase in the state's income tax. Then there will be a drop in 2015. This means the rate will go to $1,333 or to 4 percent. The additional tax revenue will balance the state’s budget, but Republicans call it a job-killing hoax that will become permanent.

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British study germs on ATM keypads, public toilets

Though it is well known, a new study has confirmed that public facilities are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Bathrooms are as full of bacteria obviously, but ATM keypads are almost as bad. Though the anti-bacterial surface maker funded the study, some people are still grossed out. Just think of the payday loan the bank will have to take out if someone sued them for getting sick at the ATM.

What germs the ATM keypad holds

The bacteria on many common public surfaces were studied by British researchers. Samples from ATM keypads, under the seat of public toilets, gas pump handles and even grocery carts were taken with swabs and grown. A sterile bag was used to seal the samples. They were then put in a petri dish to grow them. There were bacteria grown on all four swabs. These included coliform as well as e. coli. All samples got the same amount of bacteria initially. Still, the highest bacteria load came from public toilets. ATM keypads were a very close second to the public toilets in bacterial load.

Considering the ATM keypad / British study of public toilets

Studying ATM keypads and public toilets didn't bring anything new to mind. It was all expected. An antibacterial surface coatings company actually funded the study though. Studies are usually funded by someone with a motive. This is why the scientific community has issues with it. It makes perfect sense that the antibacterial products will be sold using this study. The results weren't wrong though.

Bacteria is something to stay away from

There are many ways to protect yourself from bacteria besides just buying antibacterial surface coatings. When protecting yourself from bacteria, it is extremely important to wash your hands. The infections and disease being spread isn't effected much by antibacterial products as it has been shown. You don't have to use antibacterial products. Instead, take precautions and wash your hands. This way ATM keypads and public toilets will not be any more dangerous than any other public space.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

U.S. wage downturn worst since Great Depression

Making even a little bit of money is better than having no income at all. Nevertheless, the lucky ones who do find jobs after a period of extended joblessness are being slapped within the face with earnings losses that are great when compared with their pre-unemployment salary levels. Despite numerous years of experience, workers battling with the latest wage downturn may never get back to where they were. Such is the "new normal" within the U.S. labor market. Regardless how many payday loans many people take out they’ll never be able to live the lifestyle they had before the economic recession.

Might have been sticky wages although it isn't any longer

In U.S. history, the wage downturns are usually slow. This is true even when unemployment is very high. There is a term economist's use. "Sticky" wages are what these are called. The recession wages aren't sticky at all. Reports of educated, highly skilled workers who have been laid off, only to finally get a job that pays a fraction of what they made before – from several dollars less per hour down to something resembling minimum wage – are frighteningly common. The U.S. Department of Labor explains the numbers. About 36 percent of newly employed workers are making 20 percent or less than what they made before this job.

Only twice in U.S. history, during the great depression and during the 1981-82 recession, were there earning losses as great as this shown. The wage downturn the country faces now has already outpaced the latter period.

Unemployment and negative wage pressure

For over 20 months we have seen unemployment be over 9 percent. There is a ton of competition for new jobs which means that businesses, which will continue through 2011, will be able to hire new employees for less money. This negative wage pressure has forced workers to either settle for less and remain there or accept the low offer and return to college to renovate their skill sets.

Businesses helping the economy

According to Columbia University labor economist Till von Wachter, companies will become more competitive as they are able to hire more workers at lower wages even though the wage downturn is actually bad for individual workers. This allows a recovery for the economy. The U.S. may benefit from it.

Information from

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In some countries, this is what low wage protests look like

Eva Longoria faces charges of usury as Beso files Nevada bankruptcy

Actress Eva Longoria is now being sued. The lawsuit has been brought by a business associate. The lawsuit claims that Eva Longoria charged more than the allowable interest on a short term personal loan. This is also known as usury. The usury lawsuit was filed within the state of California, in which the restaurant is operating. The restaurant, nevertheless, filed for bankruptcy in Nevada. She is making sure that nothing forces her to live off of a quick personal loan|She is making sure that nothing causes her to live off of payday cash loans|She is making sure that absolutely nothing forces her to live off of a payday loan. Resource for this article – Eva Longoria sued under usury laws, Nevada! bankruptcy proceeds by MoneyBlogNewz}.

How Beso ended up going bankrupt

Beso, the restaurant and bar owned and operated by actress Eva Longoria, has filed for bankruptcy. There was a profit in the restaurant of $14.6 million. About $76,000 a month was being lost still. The $2.5 million in assets are supposed to be protected with the bankruptcy. Still, owing a lot of money is Eva Longoria as a creditor. All debts owed by the restaurant may be restructured. This is what the Reno, Nevada, court is trying to do. The court is sorting out the debts and assets while the restaurant is going to stay open. It may close any time though.

Usury getting Eva Longoria sued

In an attempt to keep Beso up and running, Eva Longoria provided a $1 million loan to the managers of the restaurant. This short-term loan came with extensive terms for the repayment. Eight percent of the loan and a 23.33 percent stake in the company was what the business had to pay. In order to get the money needed for the restaurant, the managers agreed to all of these terms. California state rules were then read by the company following this. They filed a lawsuit after decided they had been charged far too much.

What Longoria's investment got her

Only $1 million was invested into the company by Eva Longoria. Then, she got $4.6 million back in interest from Beso. This $4.6 million racked up in just two years, putting the annual percentage rates above 200 percent. If Longoria is found guilty of usury for acting as a loan lender, then she could be ordered to pay back the full $4.6 million she has received in interest payments for the loan.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is the $15,000 Faberge spider brooch a big mistake?

When many people hear “Faberge” they think eggs. This jewelry manufacturer, though, made a lot more than just Easter decorations. When an apparent Faberge spider brooch walked into the "Pawn Stars" pawn shop, the owner was offered $15,000, although she was just requesting $2,000. The Faberge company, nevertheless, is saying that the Faberge spider brooch might well be a fake. The seller of that brooch got a larger payday loan than she was anticipating. Article source – Faberge Spider Brooch could be a $15,000 fake by MoneyBlogNewz.

The Faberge spider brooch can be viewed

On the History Channel show “Pawn Stars,” a customer walked into Gold and Silver Pawn with a jewel-encrusted spider brooch. While cleaning a family members' house, she found it. She only wanted $2,000 for the brooch. She said the jewels had to be worth at least that much. Rick, the co-owner of the pawn shop, said that he would love to pay $2,000 for it, but he “had a conscience.”. He said that it was a rare Faberge piece that he'd pay $15,000 for even though it was worth twice that.

The real price the Faberge spider brooch has

There is a lot of jewelry that is brought to the Gold and Silver Pawn shop. There are other things accepted too, of course. From the filming of the episode, it is tough to tell if there are any hallmarks or identifying marks on the spider brooch. What is seen on the episode, though, is rarely the entire conversation or inspection process for a particular item brought into the shop. It probably really is a Faberge though as the shop owner knows a lot about jewelry and antiques.

The Faberge company speaks up

There's the House of Faberge company. The possibility of a Faberge spider brooch got them involved. The reports of a Faberge spider brooch are "untrue and unfounded" according to spokeswoman for the company Tatiana Zherebkina who sent an e-mail to "Time" magazine while stating that an eight legged brooch does “not fit into the luxury jeweler’s creative vision.” Interesting to note is that this is actually the new Faberge company. All records on the company aren't even there. All of the jeweler's workshops were ransacked in 1917. In Switzerland, Peter Carl Faberge died. There was then a 92 year wait before his descendants re-launched the firm. The Faberge spider brooch might be a very expensive piece of spider jewelry or may actually be the artwork expected.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maryland mortgage broker pleads guilty to loan fraud

In exchange for considerations; a Maryland broker of mortgages has accepted guilt in fraud charges. The U.S. Attorney’s office has brought these charges. These charges are in relationship with multiple deceitful loans and mortgages. This can be a great example of why you should exercise caution when applying for payday loans and mortgages. Be sure you take a look at the loan provider thoroughly. Article source – Maryland mortgage broker pleads guilty to loan fraud by MoneyBlogNewz.

Maryland mortgage fraud

Douglas Skibicki, a Maryland mortgage broker, has pleaded guilty to several counts of mail fraud. Skibicki has admitted that he "participated in a scheme to defraud lenders, family members, and banks." He applied for and received multiple mortgages and helped others receive mortgages under entirely fraudulent circumstances. In several cases, Skibicki worked with an appraiser that provided fraudulent appraisals, often of empty lots.

Bad for families to have installment loans taken out

Families and businesses were supposed to be getting the Maryland installment loans Skibicki brokered. In order to refinance mortgages and get more financing, many of the loans were taken out on properties. Empty lots would end up getting loans. Some would have minimal structures there. The homes were said to be three and four bedroom in size worth hundreds of thousands of dollars according to the appraisals. Skibicki got loans for families that they couldn't realistically pay back. The mortgage lenders and banks got false documentation.

How mortgage fraud ends up being punished

Skibicki is charged with mail fraud even though millions of dollars were lost with the mortgage fraud. There was also a cease and desist order that Skibicki will have to deal with. The short-term loan, mortgage and financial industry will never be seeing Skibicki again. Because Skibicki mailed the mortgage forms to lenders, the mail fraud charge is more severe. Sentencing is scheduled for April of this year, and he could be facing up to 20 years in prison, in addition to forfeiting $1.4 million in property and gains, as well as being fined twice the amount of ill-gotten gains.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freddie and Fannie attain contract with B of A on bad guaranteed loans

B of A recently settled an agreement with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The financial institution will compensate them for toxic guaranteed loans the financial institution is responsible for. The two mortgage houses have to be compensated for toxic assets sold to them by the various parties that sold them. B of A is paying over $3 billion in total. B of A is expected to take a loss on the deal.

Trying to help make amends is Bank of America for the bad guaranteed loans out there

The toxic mortgage assets sold to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae got Bank of America to make an agreement. MSN reports this agreement was finalized. Bank of America didn't sell all the bad guaranteed loans to Freddie or Fannie. The negotiation is largely over loans that were originated by Countrywide, which was purchased by and merged into Bank of America in 2008. Countrywide was one of the biggest mortgage providers in the nation before that occurred. Of all people who bought a home from NY to San Diego and all points in between before the 2008 mortgage crisis, about one in five got their home loans from Countrywide. The Fannie and Freddie settlement was part of the Countrywide assets. These were all taken by Bank of America.

Nation's largest financial institution anticipated to lose with this one

The nation's biggest bank is B of A. Still, the financial institution is anticipated, in the fourth quarter of 2010, to file a $2 billion loss. Mortgages sold to Freddie, Fannie and others from Countrywide mortgages got the financial institution to set money aside already. $3 billion was prepared for this. About $11 billion in bad financial institution loans was bought already while about $2.6 billion still need to be bought by Bank of America. It could be finished by B of A without a cash loan. The business is rolling in dough.

Still owing the home loan houses

Many of the toxic home loan assets sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been bought back by large banks although some nevertheless owe. The 2 corporations are run by the government nevertheless though.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Williams, displaced man, desired as voice of Cleveland Cavs

Anyone who has managed to hold onto their jobs during the recession ought to be thankful for each paycheck. Things could have gone like they did for Ted Williams, a homeless Ohio man. Williams has been gracious despite adversity, and now things appear to be turning around. The Sporting News accounts that Ted Williams, once displaced, has rocketed to viral recognition and may become the new tone of voice of Quicken Loans Arena for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. He’ll now move up from begging for cash to taking out personal loans; that is some jump. Post resource – Ted Williams, homeless man, wanted as voice of Cleveland Cavs by MoneyBlogNewz.

Williams the Cavs homeless tone of voice

Every single day is a precious day for displaced Williams, not Ted "The Splendid Splinter" Williams. Williams young life was very progressive. Then, he had drug and alcohol problems to battle. This eventually led to the loss of his home and years of transient living. Using what he calls his "God-given" voice, Williams panhandled more successfully than most.

Everything began to change one day for Williams though after a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch newspaper ran into him. Impressed by Williams’ voice, the reporter called him over. He ended up doing an interview with her that was posted on YouTube and became very popular. It only took 24 hours for about 5 million viewers to view it. Ted Williams' radio voice became famous.

YouTube the place to get recognition

Ted Williams was displaced one day, but thanks to a single Columbus Dispatch reporter and the power of YouTube, he has been offered a full-time career and a place to live. After noticing the extraordinary video of Ted Williams, displaced Ohioan, a representative of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team and Quicken Loans named Tracy (no last name given), was intrigued. Tracy placed a called to WNCI 97.9 radio, where she offered Williams a full-time career and a home mortgage to work as the public address announcer at Quicken Loans Arena, the home of the Cavaliers. The job offer was then confirmed by Darren Rovell from CNBC. He did this through Twitter.

Giving many ‘Homeless DJ’ career offers

WNCI had Williams there. While there, a ton of career proposals came in. That was when the Cleveland Cavaliers job came in. It was exciting for many. The deal with Tracy is something that Williams has yet to accept. It’s expected that he will though.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Store sales take $1 billion slip in blizzard

Add merchants to those stung by the power of the East Coast blizzard. Cable News Network Money accounts the hope for significant shopper traffic for after-Christmas revenue dimmed as store shoppers avoided the great snow storm. Early estimates are that retailers lost a potential $1 billion in sales, as a result of the East Coast blizzard. They were the exact same retailers hoping people would likely use a payday loan to do their after Holiday buying.

Finding yourself the right money lender

There’s a good chance you want to find a money lender that works for you. You need to know if we’re it. The first time of business means you are able to continually return to an account without reminding who you are to us. Also, your information is safe whenever you do business with us. When we are safeguarding your sensitive information, we can’t be bought out.

Money lenders are often used. Every person needs one now and then. Emergencies take place with everyone. Then, you need some way to stay financially sound until another paycheck comes to help. There is only one way a charge card is okay. This is only whenever you pay it off immediately. The interest that is revolving will kill you though.

There is another option to look at. Payday loans are these options. All you’ve to do is apply for the loan. Then, you are able to get one anywhere from $100 to $1,500 dependent upon your specific need.

Length of process

The time it takes to apply here is minimal. You’ll find out almost instantly if we have the right loan provider for you after taking a couple of minutes to apply. It’s hassle-free! Typically, faxing or a credit check is unnecessary.

  • The direct deposit is helpful. It makes everything easier
  • Tastes better than overdraft – Ain’t that the truth.
  • There isn’t a need for faxing. That makes it fax free. That means more time for cookies!
  • You do not even have to tell anybody about this. It’s that private. It’s a common thing to want. Many like privacy.
  • Installment plans are accessible also. You are able to pay it off easier.
  • It is very convenient for you.
  • You’ll also like it as it saves your credit
  • There is instant approval too. The best money loan provider needs to do that