Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Desolate man, Harrington, wins fantasy football competition

So far, 2011 appears to be the year of success stories for desolate individuals. The most recent story is of Mass. resident Harrington. While desolate, Harrington has won the 2011 ESPN fantasy football contest. Harrington has said he intends on using the prize to move his family back into a rental. This can be easier than trying to take out a cash advance to achieve this. Source of article – Nathan Harrington – Homeless man wins ESPN fantasy football 2011 by MoneyBlogNewz.

The account of Harrington

In Salem, Mass., Nathan Harrington lives at 33 years of age. There was a ton of nerve damage done to Harrington in 2009 when he was in an automobile accident. He wasn't able to go back to work. He worked with marketing. Due to rat extermination, Harrington, his fiancée, and their 3 year old son got evicted. All of their stuff got sent to storage.

Desolate man wins ESPN fantasy football 2011

The ESPN fantasy football 2011 competition is one that Nation Harrington participated in even though he didn't have a home, computer access or the internet. Library computers were where he'd use the internet. Sometimes he'd even go to his father's nursing home and ask for computer access. He called to ask friends to change things to his roster occasionally. This was if there were no other computers for him to find. By 0.8 points, his team won the Fantasy Football game as the Boston Beatdowns. Only 0.8 points had him winning.

Winner of ESPN fantasy football 2011 has a future

Since he won the fantasy football contest, Harrington got a $3,500 Best Purchase gift card. Rather than going on a buying spree at the electronics store, Harrington chose to do something just a little more beneficial. A better apartment that doesn't have rat problems is where he is going to move. He had to sell his gift card to his mom for $2,500 to do this though. The headlines about a homeless man winning the ESPN fantasy football 2011 contest might be good for him. He might even get offered a job due to it.


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