Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't be expecting Earth to have 2 suns in 2012

There is yet another rumor floating around about the year 2012. This time, the rumor is the Earth may have two suns thanks to a supernova. Betelgeuse, a large star over 600 light years away, is starting to die out and will supernova when it does. The Planet Earth won’t be within the line of fire, however it may get a spectacular light show.

Possibility of Earth having 2 suns

There might be 24 hours of daylight for two weeks according to a rumor going around. The Daily Mail explains this rumor states Planet Earth could have 2 suns. A star in the constellation of Orion is showing signs of going supernova. The red supergiant star is one of the brightest in the night sky. It is called Betelgeuse. University of Southern Queensland's Australian astrophysicist Brad Carter explained that 2012 would probably be when this star turns into a supernova.

What about Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse replacing our sun would be so large that it would be close to touching Jupiter. That's about how large it is. Due to the mass and energy, the star couldn't just disappear. This is just like other stars that have become supernovas instead. There could be a perpetual state of collapse with a supernova that collapses on itself with its core. This turns it into a black hole with all that gravity involved. However, because Betelgeuse is about 600 light years away, according to CBS, there is minimal chance much of its light could be seen from Planet Earth when it goes supernova.

It’s all about 2012 now

In the year 2012, the Mayan calendar ends. This has caused lots of talk. Mayan scholars do not think anything of it. A supernova 600 light years away cannot do any harm to the Earth, so 2012 theorists might also put the Betelgeuse baby to bed.

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