Thursday, January 27, 2011

An icy automobile is a sad auto - thoroughly clean it!

Cleaning the ice from your auto during winter could be a painful task if you do not do it right. In the span of a few hrs, ice can cover the entire outside – and sometimes inside – of your car. While it might seem like scraping and heating will do the trick, you should learn to do it right. Learn to do it right the first time.

Avoiding ice starts by getting rid of snow

Brushing the snow off is a simple way to stop your auto from getting ice on it. Both snow and ice are a solid form of water, and moisture from snow will freeze and create ice that can coat your windshields, door handles and locks. Brush out the snow regularly, even if you don't plan to go driving. Both a snow brush and broom could be used. It’s a really poor choice to try to use a snow shovel to do it. It could chip the paint or windshield a bit. Also, never use boiling water on frozen locks and handles, as the stress will likely cause breakage.

Give a hand when breaking up that ice party

If you have built up some callus studying karate – or even if you have pent-up aggression you need to take out on your car – give that ice a whack with the flat of your hand. If it's a thin layer, you may be able to break it up and brush it off. Do not use anything harder than your hand, however – particularly on window ice. A shattered window is expensive and horrid to deal with during winter months, and cold glass tends to be more brittle.

Do not let it stay freezing

Start that auto, turn on the headlights and run the heater as well as both front and rear defrosters to loosen things up for cleaning. Your exhaust pipe and radiator have to be able to run though. Make sure they are clear first. Do not leave your engine after you start it. The frozen mix won't help very much with a radiator's coolant/water mix off and the really cold temperatures. It is possible for your engine to overheat because of this. This will kill it.

Make sure your windshield wipers blades are clean before using them. The motor in the wiper system can break if the blades are stuck in the ice and trying to free themselves loose. Winter-grade wiper fluid can help melt window ice, as well. help melt window ice, as well.


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Or you could just cover your car

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