Friday, January 7, 2011

Williams, displaced man, desired as voice of Cleveland Cavs

Anyone who has managed to hold onto their jobs during the recession ought to be thankful for each paycheck. Things could have gone like they did for Ted Williams, a homeless Ohio man. Williams has been gracious despite adversity, and now things appear to be turning around. The Sporting News accounts that Ted Williams, once displaced, has rocketed to viral recognition and may become the new tone of voice of Quicken Loans Arena for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. He’ll now move up from begging for cash to taking out personal loans; that is some jump. Post resource – Ted Williams, homeless man, wanted as voice of Cleveland Cavs by MoneyBlogNewz.

Williams the Cavs homeless tone of voice

Every single day is a precious day for displaced Williams, not Ted "The Splendid Splinter" Williams. Williams young life was very progressive. Then, he had drug and alcohol problems to battle. This eventually led to the loss of his home and years of transient living. Using what he calls his "God-given" voice, Williams panhandled more successfully than most.

Everything began to change one day for Williams though after a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch newspaper ran into him. Impressed by Williams’ voice, the reporter called him over. He ended up doing an interview with her that was posted on YouTube and became very popular. It only took 24 hours for about 5 million viewers to view it. Ted Williams' radio voice became famous.

YouTube the place to get recognition

Ted Williams was displaced one day, but thanks to a single Columbus Dispatch reporter and the power of YouTube, he has been offered a full-time career and a place to live. After noticing the extraordinary video of Ted Williams, displaced Ohioan, a representative of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team and Quicken Loans named Tracy (no last name given), was intrigued. Tracy placed a called to WNCI 97.9 radio, where she offered Williams a full-time career and a home mortgage to work as the public address announcer at Quicken Loans Arena, the home of the Cavaliers. The job offer was then confirmed by Darren Rovell from CNBC. He did this through Twitter.

Giving many ‘Homeless DJ’ career offers

WNCI had Williams there. While there, a ton of career proposals came in. That was when the Cleveland Cavaliers job came in. It was exciting for many. The deal with Tracy is something that Williams has yet to accept. It’s expected that he will though.

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Ted Williams, homeless and gracious for his opportunity

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