Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Puppy Bowl VII provides viewers a feel-good pre-game alternative

Many Super Bowl pre-game shows are canines, but not the Puppy Bowl. A growing audience of animal lovers are passing on the redundant analysis that goes on for hrs before the Super Bowl and tuning to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet instead. Now in its seventh year, the Puppy Bowl is a mass media occasion that encourages animal ownership featuring a lineup of puppies selected from shelters across the U.S.. This helps the animal shelters avoid having to take out quick short term loans to support the over-crowding in the shelters. Article source – Get relief from pre-game hype with Puppy Bowl VII on Super Sunday by MoneyBlogNewz.

Animal adoption with the Puppy Bowl

From 3-5 p.m. EST on Sunday on the Animal Planet, you can watch “Puppy Bowl VII”. In order to fill time while viewers were all tuning in to Super Bowl pre-game buzz, the Puppy Bowl was created. The public response was unexpected, and Puppy Bowl has become a successful franchise watched by more than 8.6 million people. Plus, the Puppy Bowl does more than boost ratings for Animal Planet. The show sends a message that increases awareness of animals in shelters across the country in need of adoption to avoid euthanasia. There have been over 250 animals adopted since 2004. These are just the ones the Puppy Bowl brought on to get adopted too.

Puppy Bowl action

In the Puppy Bowl, puppies wrestle with each other in a stadium setting, complete with gridiron and grandstands. Puppies score touchdowns when they drag a chew toy across the goal line. A pooper scooper is given to the referee. Andrew Schechter is the referee. A clean game is called by him. New this year for “Puppy Bowl VII” is a puppy cam strapped to a beagle’s head shooting on-the-field activity. Hamsters could be in a blimp. This will provide overhead shots for the game. You will find actual chickens that cheer for their team. They’re the cheerleaders. The halftime show features kittens cavorting on the field in a disco atmosphere of lights and streamers.

Petfinder.com for adoptions

With regards to choosing puppies, the "Puppy Bowl VII" had to cut some off. There could be a total of 58 pups this year. Animal shelters send pictures of pups posed next to a soda can to show their actual size. Between 7 and sixteen years old is how old the puppies could be. Members of the Puppy Bowl roster are up for adoption, but the show is taped in October, and so several have already found a home by the time “Puppy Bowl VII” airs. During the Super Bowl, you are able to see the showing on Animal Planet a few times. Do you need to adopt pets in your area? Try petfinder.com.

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