Saturday, February 5, 2011

Study finds clowns and In Vitro Fertilization victory linked by tension lowering

A current study has found a link among clowns and In Vitro Fertilization victory, or effective in-vitro fertilization. Laughter is known to naturally reduce tension, and the study found that females that were frequented by a "medical clown" after undergoing an IVF implantation procedure were more likely to become pregnant. Many individuals have taken out such huge personal loans to go through In Vitro Fertilization, they will probably be much happier to find out the process worked.

Looking at the connection between clowns and victory of IVF

In Israel, a research hospital discovered an interesting connection. It was between IVF therapy success and clowns. During recovery from an implantation procedure, it was discovered that females who were visited by "medical clowns" ended up with a higher rate of victory with becoming pregnant during in-vitro fertilization. The idea came to Dr. Shevach Friedler. He read about how laugher can help relieve stress. In order to see if the reduced tension helped an embryo implant, Dr. Friedler's team at Harofeh Medical Center had patients get visited by a clown. They wanted to see if the chances of getting pregnant went up with less stress.

Study was not just clowning around

One great thing happened. The laugher was working. A greater percentage of females who received the “clown treatment” successfully became pregnant than those who went without a visit from a clown. There were 209 females that had in-vitro fertilization being done. They were all within the study. Of those 209 females, the clown group had in-vitro fertilization victory rates of 36 percent. Only a 20 percent success rate was shown for women who didn't get the clown treatment. "Fertility and Sterility" is a reproduction science medical journal that will be publishing the investigation. In Israel, you are able to get a medical clown college degree at the University of Haifa. This is because patients become less stressed with clowns.

Paying more for a clown

In-vitro fertilization is expensive, somewhat dangerous and doesn’t always work. According to WebMD, the procedure results in a pregnancy in 32 percent of all cases, however only 25.6 percent of treatments resulted in a live birth. Success rates also vary by age group and wide range of factors. About $12,400 is paid for this therapy. Usually it is the last thing that people do to get pregnant after all other possibilities have been used.




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