Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disguised man robs casino of chips, escapes in taxi cab

Twice in 2 months now, casino security has failed. A man with a disguise walked into a casino in Vegas. The person just walked in and walked out. The thief walked in, walked out with $35,000 in chips. The chosen getaway automobile was a taxicab. Resource for this article – Disguised man robs Vegas casino of chips, escapes in taxi by MoneyBlogNewz.

Male robs Rio gambling establishment with gun

The riches of the Rio casino in LV are well known. On Thursday night, a male wearing a fedora, sunglasses and fake mustache simply walked to the casino and grabbed chips off a table. The dealer tried to stop the man from taking the chips. The thief then showed a gun to the dealer. The masked thief then walked out the front door, got into a taxi and escaped the scene.

Plans that are simple paying off probably the most

Much like the Bellagio robbery last month, this robbery seems to have integrated very little planning. The thief simply donned a dime-store disguise, walked in the front door, brandished a weapon, took the chips and walked out. What the cab driver was paid in is not known right now. It might have been in casino chips though. The man that robbed the Bellagio was caught quickly. It took less than a month to do.

Tracking casino chips

Many people will still casino chips. Casinos, however, have ways to protect themselves. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are put in the high-value chips while putting tags in all chips has been considered by casinos. The value of the chips doesn’t remain the exact same. A "final redemption" period is done every few years where the chips will not be worth anything after it is over so the new chips can come in with new values. Someone who steals chips has to turn them back into money somehow like selling them online, redeeming them in casinos or other means.



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