Wednesday, March 30, 2011

IE9 surpassed by Firefox 4 in downloads at release

Internet Explorer nine appeared on the scene about a week before Firefox 4 was released. Firefox 4 had three times downloads in the first 24 hours than Internet Explorer 9 had a week earlier. Microsoft could be faulted for some of the beating, because Internet Explorer 9 has no support for Windows XP, while Firefox 4 does.

Higher number of downloads of Firefox 4 than Internet Explorer 9 by a long shot

On Tues., Firefox 4 launched. It was downloaded about 7 million times in the first 24 hours it was out. One day after Internet Explorer 9 was launched, 2.4 million users had downloaded the upgrade. IE9 is definitely losing to Firefox 4. Nevertheless, nothing can compare to the "Download Day" that Mozilla did to win a Guinness World Record with Firefox 3.0 having 8 million download in the first twenty-four hours. In Europe, Mozilla is very popular. That is where much of the Firefox 4 downloads ended up coming from. Users in Europe logged 44 percent of Firefox 4 first-day downloads. About 26 percent came in North America. Next was Asia. This was where 20 percent of users came from. The remainder of the connected world included the rest.

No more Windows XP compatibility for Microsoft

The plans Microsoft had for Internet Explorer 9 meant that Firefox 4 was bound to win the first day download competition. It did not even seem like a competition anymore. Internet Explorer 9 was only developed for Windows 7 and Windows Vista by Microsoft. CEO Steve Ballmer might end up needing a personal unsecured loan after that decision. IE9 will not support Windows XP, even though the 10-year-old operating system is used by more than 61 percent of Windows machines that went online in Feb., according to the Web metrics company Net Applications. Firefox engineering director Jonathan Nightingale told GeekWire that offering Windows XP users a high-quality experience with Firefox 4 was difficult, however the user group was too large to leave behind. Microsoft wasn't planning on wasting time developing Internet Explorer 9 "to the lowest common denominator," according to a statement about it. Microsoft might be attempting to convince Windows XP users to upgrade. It w! ould seem logical.

The money Firefox brings in

Mozilla has high states in the market for a browser. Because Mozilla displays links in the search bar of the Firefox browser, it gets money while Microsoft and Google track user information to make money. As users for Firefox multiply, Mozilla, a non-profit foundation, generates more revenue. There was a 34 percent increase from 2008 to 2009 in revenues going from $78 million to $104 million. Currently, market share mostly goes to Internet Explorer at 56.8 percent. It was at 68 percent in 2009 which means it has dropped. Due largely to Firefox 4 launch a delay, Firefox has lost 2.5 percentage points in the past year and has a 21.7 percent market share. Google Chrome has grown to 11 percent market share from nothing, doing really well.

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