Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sydney the location for Australian brothel

The Australian city of Sydney will soon be home to a dubious landmark. The biggest brothel in Australia will open its doors there. The largest building of its type in the country will officially take the title once remodeling is complete, and the existing structure becomes a three story, 40 room luxury resorts. Though Australia allows prostitution, very few countries do, and residents near the proposed brothel are not particularly pleased.

Suites accessible in reconstruction

An additional floor of suites will be added with the $12.7 million reconstruction in Sydney, Australia to the resort building while the number of rooms accessible will increase. MSNBC reports that the building will most likely become the largest Australian brothel, making it different from other hotel renovations. There will be two bedrooms with king beds, a spa and pool tables in the brothel, called Stilleto, on the third floor. There will be seven of these suites. There will be 40 rooms at Stilleto’s after the remodel. This doubles from the 20 accessible before.

How the neighbors feel

Stilleto caters to “lawyers, movie stars, accountants and professional athletes,” according to MSNBC. A three story brothel in the neighborhood makes some neighbors mad. The Sydney Morning Herald states the residents near Stilleto aren’t happy about the idea. They do not want people coming and going all night long. The neighborhood security will be tightened though with security guards on the building grounds, which does help ease this anger.

How most nations feel about it

Prostitution is only legal in eight counties in Nevada in the United States. Wikipedia states that other parts of the world look at it differently. Brothers are illegal while it isn’t regulated in most nations. Everyone involved must be 18 or older in Italy where brothels aren’t allowed although the trade is. Whether or not Ruby the Heartstealer got paid before she was eighteen by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has not yet been decided. The Christian Science Monitor reports he is in legal battle with it right now. Prostitution is illegal in most of the world, however, and the nations in which it is legal and regulated are a small minority.

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